1-Overseeing the process  of the administrative, technical and scientific works in deanships and  related departments and working on raising its performance level

2-Direct supervising the plans concerning the Deanship of community service and continuing education, and preparing scientific and practical programs that  help to develop this service

3- Developing of the computer application at the university, and follow up the performance of the competent Commission for this purpose, and approaching  the corresponding authorities to make use of its plans and programs help that shorten efforts, make proposals for the operating system and related items

4-Direct contact with his counterparts in the ministries and government departments, as included in the scope of its work, taking into account what is stated in the article(4) of ((5)) of these powers.
5. to approve the granting of regular and emergency vacations to the beneficiaries of the employees of the departments associated with it and to inform the public administration of faculty staff about it, to complete the legal procedures.
6. Approval of exceptional leave to recipients of university staff and to inform the public administration for faculty staff.

7. authorize the signing of the supply, installation, maintenance and operation contract, IT programs and consulting engineering not to exceed million riyals, after confirmation of the availability of funds, noting the terms of reference of the relevant committees.
8. authorize direct purchase with  no more than five hundred thousand riyals, after confirmation of the availability of the banquet credits, noting the terms of reference of the relevant committees.

9. permission of assignment to work out of regular work hours for those who require having assigned a period of not more than one month for  regular  days for the employees of the university and, what can be over this period must be presented to the Rector, as well as the permission of internal mandate for those who are  required outside the university headquarters for  a period not exceeding five days in time except for officials directly associated with the director of the university, after confirmation of the availability of funds
10. Inventorying  and saving documents of  University property of land and real estate, and recommend approval of the renting university property.
11. Supervising the movement of cars , university departments , colleges requests and coordination between them .Preparing the cars needed for trips , receiving and delivery of cars prepared according to the requirements of the work, and preserve, maintain and securing all that is needed to keep them in good operational condition

12. supervising  the security and safety works in all university places , facilities , property of university and individuals with all the required means and doing everything that would regulate traffic in all university places, and identify the needs of manpower for work and developing  them..

13-. Direct supervising of all information, data and organizing statistical schedules related t o the university including faculty staff, students, alumni and scholarships,  , university libraries and student services ,related care for them and their activities and what the university offer in the field of community service and other various activities.
14.Making invitations and communicating directly with companies and institutions to engage in public and private competitions related to security and safety, operation, maintenance and hygiene, agriculture, and the follow-up study and analysis in coordination with the General Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs.
15. authorizing of functional performance evaluation of staff administrative units attached to it.
16. Vice-Rector acts in behalf of the general supervisor of the financial affairs in his absence.
17. Vice President acts in behalf of the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, in his absence, and in the case of their absence together acts Vice President for Development and Quality on their behalf, and in case of his absence acts the Vice President for Academic Affairs on behalf of them